Pretty Polished Toes Made Easy!


No more feet or nail polish on the coffee table and No more spilled polish remover on the floor!

Jeanette's Pedicure Pedestal was created out of necessity, not convenience.  After years of spilled nail polish, countless paper towels and bottles of carpet cleaner, Jeanette Peterson knew there was a better way to pamper herself without all the frustration.  Jeanette's Pedicure Pedestal was born from her vision and her husband, Mark's hands. 

Thanks to this team, now women across America can relax and do their nails in comfort and convenience.  The Pedicure Pedestal is a sturdy stand that not only holds your nail polish and tools, but allows you to rest your foot or hand comfortably in a position, which is optimal for doing your nails.  Imagine, No more feet cramping to hold on the coffee table, no more spilled nail polish and best of all, it is portable so you can do your nails by the pool, in the park or in your living room.



  • Designed to make a difficult job easier and more comfortable
  • Easy Access to tray for tools
  • Adjustable to fit moms & daughters
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Helps protect floors and furniture from polish spills
  • Great for manicures too